The Impact Matters

The world needs efficient, effective public sector institutions.  It also needs skills and resources of sustainable private enterprises.

The international community has agreed on common goals for development (The Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs in 2015 at United Nations), while simultaneously concluding that these goals could not be achieved without the participation of businesses. Major private investments are needed for example in low-carbon technologies to combat climate change.

This is where Condes works

We understand the goals and mandates of public organisations. We also understand the operational logic and needs of businesses. And we know what enterprises need in order to align their businesses with public goals, especially in poor countries and challenging markets.

We specialize in assessing, measuring and reporting on impact. It is crucial for the credibility and reputation of any organisation that their deeds match the words. Responsible businesses have normally a positive impact on the surrounding societies. We support companies in assessing and communicating these impacts to the stakeholders and to the wider audiences.

We bridge the gap between public and private, development and business, financial return and social benefits.

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