Our network and business model

Condes is a consulting company and a network of expertise.

We draw our value added from an extensive pool of seasoned professionals in the fields of

  • Finance (for corporates, SMEs, start-ups, and for development and climate change mitigation projects)
  • Environmental, social and governance (ESG) management
  • Environmental and international law
  • Public finance and administration
  • Evaluation techniques
  • Communications and stakeholder relations
  • Development policy and cooperation
  • Strategy and management

We also partner with various other consulting companies, development finance institutions, research institutions, universities, research institutions and think tanks, especially in large assignments.

Tapio Wallenius

Tapio Wallenius is the CEO of Condes Ltd. Tapio has throughout his career contributed to building businesses and creating positive impacts especially in developing countries and emerging markets. He has worked in several expert and managerial positions e.g. at development finance institutions, Prime Minister’s Cabinet and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland. He started his career with development issues at UNDP in Luanda, Angola at the beginning of 1990s.

Tapio has ran Condes Ltd since its establishment in 2002 and carried out tens of challenging impact assessment and evaluation assignments. He has developed instruments for private sector development (PSD) programmes and supported clients in projects regarding blended, climate and development finance.

Tapio has contributed to and participated in the financing decisions for dozens of investments in developing countries and lead teams assessing and managing their impact as well as responsibility and policy related reputational risks.

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