Experts on impact assessment and reporting

We apply a wide range of best practice, state-of the art impact and risk assessment and management tools. When necessary, we develop new instruments, management frameworks and practices to match our clients’ needs.

In impact assessments, development and reporting we draw on and apply our profound knowledge and experience regarding the international assessment and reporting frameworks, standards and tools like

  • OECD /DAC evaluation principles and standards
  • World Bank group (especially the International Finance Corporation, the IFC) standards
  • The impact assessment and evaluation guidelines of various Development Finance Institutions (DFIs)
  • IRIS indicators (by the Global Impact Investment Network, GIIN)
  • Green bond and Social bond standards
  • Social Capital Protocol and Natural Capital Protocol of World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD)
  • CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project)
  • Social Accounting Matrices (SAM)
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA)
  • Randomized Controlled Trials (RCT).


We also ensure that our customers benefit from the latest harmonization efforts in the public and private sector impact assessment and reporting, and thus benchmark and communicate their own operations in the best possible way.

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